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Borewell Drilling Service in Tirunelveli

Borewell drilling Cost per feet increases when depth increases. Price listed below is as per lastest month rate

  • 1-100          Rs.65 per feet
  • 101-200     Rs 70 per feet
  • 201-300    Rs 80 per feet
  • 300-1000 Rs 90 per feet

Average depth required in Tirunelveli is 450 feet but is varies from place to place. Call now to know the current running price and details

yes, we are having experts who can identify possibility of underground water. More often we let the choice to customers for the preferred location of drilling. Customer Prefer location of Vastu most of the time.

Only PVC pipe charge includes which will be fit during the process of Drilling.

We offer

  • 6 1/2 Inch Drilling
  • 4 3/4 Inch Drilling
  • Re-Boring
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About Sri Mohan Borewells

Sri Mohan Borewells,  is one of the best Borewell Drilling Contractors in Tirunelveli. Their office is situated at SH 177, Kalakkad, Tamil Nadu 627501.

For further queries related to Borewell Pricing, contact us on 09994886592

An Overview:
Sri Mohan Borewells provides everything related to the Borewell Drilling Service. The experienced Borewell Drillers works passionately and gives the result that the customer wanted. To know about the Borewell Drilling Price in your area, call us on the above given contact number. Also, we follow all safety precautions during the drilling. Borewell Drilling Cost Per Feet varies depending on the geography of the place.