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Borewell Drilling Service in Pattanamthitta

Borewell drilling Cost per feet increases when depth increases. Price listed below is for 4 3/4 inch as per lastest month rate

  • 1-300         Rs.110 per feet
  • Drilling feet available as per requirement & location

Prices of borewell drilling may vary slightly day to day due to fluctuation in diesel price. Call now to know current running price

Average depth required in Pattanamthitta is 450 feet but is varies from place to place. Call now to know the current running price and details

yes, we are having experts who can identify possibility of underground water. More often we let the choice to customers for the preferred location of drilling. Customer Prefer location of Vastu most of the time.

Only PVC pipe charge includes which will be fit during the process of Drilling.

We offer

  • 6 1/2 Inch Drilling
  • 4 3/4 Inch Drilling
  • Re-Boring
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About Karma Borewells

Karma Borewells is a leader in the borewell contractors, with devoted, sophisticated, and inventive personnel and geologists who provide great borewell drilling services, ensuring accurate resource utilisation and providing accurate geological advice on availability, location, diameter, depth, purity, and low pricing in borewell drilling cost. With a wide selection of sophisticated machinery like borewell drillers, we provide our clients a complete borewell service in an economical borewell cost per feet.


For over 30 years, our borewell services have been involved with various types and diameters of borewell / tubewell / handbore drilling with our precise borewell drillers and rig supply in the South Indian business. All of our rigs, as well as sophisticated drilling and surveying equipment, are available to all other borewell contractors working in Kerala. All of our percussion tools, backed by support vehicles and ancillary equipment, employees, and machinery, are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even in shifts, to achieve this. Borewells can be dug if the digging point is 600 metres from the road. Our experts will discuss about the borewell cost per feet in the initial talk itself.

Products and services offered

Apart from drilling standard borewells ranging from 4½” to 8½”, Karma Borewells can also handle rotary drilling and earth points. Karma Borewells is a company that specialises in high-speed, high-power rigs. Borewells, Rotary, Earth Point, Cleaning, Yield testing, and other types of equipment are also installed and repaired by us. Up to 4″ to 15″ of Earth Point is completed. Drilling is carried out in many types of soils, including clay and rocks. Our service is also available if you don’t have access to a vehicle. Another unique feature of drilling a borewell inside an open well will be effectively handled by our skilled personnel.

Contact the numbers given for knowing more about borewell drilling cost and borewell cost per feet.