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Borewell Drilling Service in Malappuram

Borewell drilling Cost per feet increases when depth increases. Price listed below is for 5 inch as per last month rate

  • 1-300          Rs.85 per feet
  • 301-400     Rs 90 per feet
  • Drilling feet available as per requirement & location
  • 6 inch borewell starts from Rs.90

Prices of borewell drilling may vary slightly day to day due to fluctuation in diesel price. Call now to know current running price 

Average depth required in Malappuram is 450 feet but is varies from place to place. Call now to know the current running price and details

yes, we are having experts who can identify possibility of underground water. More often we let the choice to customers for the preferred location of drilling. Customer Prefer location of Vastu most of the time.

Only PVC pipe charge includes which will be fit during the process of Drilling.

We offer

  • 6 1/2 Inch Drilling
  • 4 3/4 Inch Drilling
  • Re-Boring
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About K T Borewells

Our main goal is to provide a high degree of client satisfaction by delivering high-quality output in borewell service at a reasonable price. We are working to exceed customers’ expectations by committing to quality and setting new standards in the borewell drilling service. we strive for perfection in our borewell service. We guarantee you a timely working, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on borewell drillers.

Location overview

KT Borewell, based in Malapuram, Kerala, is regarded as one of the most reputable borewell drillers and dependable multidisciplinary borewell contractors in the state. The borewell service we offer has many years of experience in this industry  as a borewell contractors and has been providing the best solutions for all types of water-related issues. Our company’s highly experienced drilling operators and devoted technical experts are important parts of our borewell drilling proficiency

Products and services offered

We specialise in borewell cleaning and pump installation, with client satisfaction in borewell service  as our first focus. All the details of borewell drilling cost and borewell cost per feet will be discussed with the client in the starting itself. To deliver outstanding services to our valued customers throughout Malappuram, we prefer to use cutting-edge technology and machines. If you’re looking for a professional borewell contractor, our firm has a solid record in this industry, having completed borewell drilling projects of all sizes and depths ranging from 150 to 1500 feet. Furthermore, we provide after-sales service that is tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers.

We have a team of trained and devoted borewell drilling experts who stay up and will discuss with the client about the borewell drilling cost and borewell cost per feet and also to speed on the newest industry innovations. Our organisation also provides skilled water surveyors/geologists, as well as the installation and erection of appropriate motors, pumps, and piping with fittings. They strive to deliver all services within the agreed-upon time range, as they recognise the worth of their clients’ time. Call the numbers given to get the exact borewell cost per feet of your area.