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Borewell Drilling Service in Kannur

Borewell drilling Cost per feet increases when depth increases. Price listed below is for 6 inch as per lastest month rate

  • 1-200          Rs.130 per feet
  • Drilling feet available as per requirement & location

Prices of borewell drilling may vary slightly day to day due to fluctuation in diesel price. Call now to know current running price 

Average depth required in Kannur is 450 feet but is varies from place to place. Call now to know the current running price and details

yes, we are having experts who can identify possibility of underground water. More often we let the choice to customers for the preferred location of drilling. Customer Prefer location of Vastu most of the time.

Only PVC pipe charge includes which will be fit during the process of Drilling.

We offer

  • 6 1/2 Inch Drilling
  • 4 3/4 Inch Drilling
  • Re-Boring
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About Narmadha Borewells

Narmadha Borewell Drillers is a well-known water borewell drilling contractor in Kannur. We have dug countless water borewells and wells and installed hundreds of borewells with borewell drillers in our over ten years of experience, earning a solid reputation for supplying dependable, trouble-free water in borewell services.


Our engineering experience and skills in borewell drilling services, together with the use of high-quality borewell equipment and non-corrosive materials, ensures trouble-free operation throughout the life of the borehole and lowers maintenance expenses. Our water boreholes have provided reliable service and are still operational. Each system is customised to meet your specific needs. Call the number given below to know about the borewell drilling cost or the borewell cost per feet in your area.

Products and services

Unlike other borewell contractors, we like to provide a comprehensive service that includes not only borewell services but also submersible pumps, pressure vessels, and storage tanks, depending on your specific needs. A water borehole dug on your land is a valuable asset that increases the value of your home. Narmadha Borewells   are upfront about pricing and costs, so there are no unpleasant surprises! Borewell drilling costs are determined by a variety of factors, so call us RIGHT NOW for FREE advice and to know about the borewell drilling cost or the borewell cost per feet and to schedule a site visit to discuss the feasibility of your own borewell.